Working with files

Opening a file

Select Open from the File menu to open a file. Use the filter list and the bottom to limit the types of files which are displayed. File formats are determined by the DOS-style extension -- e.g., foo.cml is assumed to be a CML-format file.

Saving a file

Press Ctrl+S to save the current drawing. You will be prompted for a file name if no name was previously specified. To save the drawing to a new file or format, select Save as... from the File menu. File format is determined by the extension, not the file type box -- e.g., a file ending in .mol will be saved as an MDL Molfile, regardless of file type box selection.

Making images

XDrawChem can save images in a number of formats for use by other applications. Use the "Save picture..." option under the File menu. Currently, XDrawChem can save to EPS (PostScript), Windows bitmap (.bmp), PNG, and SVG.


Use the Page Setup dialog to specify paper size and orientation, and Print to make a hard copy of the current drawing. It's possible to print to a printer or to a file.

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