File menu

New (Ctrl+N): Create a new, blank XDrawChem window.

Open (Ctrl+O): Open a native XDrawChem file, CML file, or MDL Molfile.

Find on Internet: Search the XDrawChem network database for compounds. Search by CAS number, name, or formula.

Save (Ctrl+S): Save the current document. If it is a new document, you will be prompted for a file name and format.

Save as: Save the document to a new file.

Save picture: Save the current drawing as an image. Use this option to save as EPS (PostScript), BMP (Windows Bitmap), PNG, or SVG.

For UNIX versions:

Import via OpenBabel: Import any file type supported by OpenBabel. OpenBabel cannot read XDrawChem XDC files, use Open (Ctrl+O) for these.

Export via OpenBabel: Not yet implemented. Sorry. :)

Page setup: Specify page size and orientation.

Print (Ctrl+P): Print the current document.

Close (Ctrl+W): Close the current XDrawChem window.

Quit (Ctrl+Q): Close all XDrawChem windows.

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